Positive Birth Program™ - 12 Hours

This is the premier childbirth education program by Hypnobirthing Australia ™. Have an amazing and empowered labour and birth! With the tools and techniques you and your birth partner will learn in this course, you can face your birth whichever road it takes. I am pleased to be able to offer this course in different formats including;

  • Private sessions (in person or Zoom) 

  • Online course

  • Online course with added private  Zoom session (90 min or 3 hour option)

  • Refresher session if you have completed the course previously.

Positive Caesarean Birth Program™ - 3 hours

A course like no other - celebrate your planned caesarean birth using the amazing techniques from Hypnobirthing Australia ™ !  This course will give you  and your birth partner the resources to have an empowered Caesarean birth.  This is offered in different formats including:

Private face to face sessions

  • Private  session (in person or Zoom)

  • Online course

  • Online course with added private Zoom session.

Amazing Resources !!

All of these course options give you access to an amazing number of resources on the Hypnobirthing Australia ™ website and App!  This includes MP3 Hypnobirthing tracks to download and use during your pregnancy, labour and birth, practice videos and full portfolio of resources  Plus so much more.  This is included in the price of all courses.